JANUARY 04 2016

Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott died thirty years ago today, I photographed Phil loads of times with Lizzy. Thirty years it just doesn't seem that long yet it is, A really nice man.

Like Phil the year ended with Lemmy. It wasn't a shock him dying, I'd seen a photo Sebastian Bach had posted on Facebook and that was shocking. Thinking of Lemmy I'd know him as long as I'd been a working photographer, we were not best friends yet when ever he saw me he'd say hello and always remembered my name, which meant a lot when I was a teenager. With Lemmy it's more the people I grew up with, seeing the switch turning off. It'll be strange not running into him around this planet.

Scott Weiland shocked me more, let's be honest Scott was a drug taking idiot and he did himself no favours. Yet I had a real soft spot for him, he was always late but when he did get there he gave me photographically just what I wanted. After his death his ex wife's letter and rant to Rolling Stone was just unnecessary, he was dead let it go. So into 2016 lets be positive and try to spread a 'Little Bit Of Love' as Free sang, the world had been an ugly place last year.

I've spent New Year's day playing records not Motorhead or STP, music that bought joy to me as a youth. Music I have but don't often play Free as it has a mellow tinge-Golden Earring Moontan-Sharks First Water-Mott The Hoople's Brain Capers-Wishbone Ash Argus-UFO Force It and I even dug out a Black Crowes bootleg Live in the studio playing their first LP before they became tedious and joined the great unwashed. The Crowes were a great band in their day.

Another bootleg - Black Sabbath from Lund Sweden 1977, Sabbath are more of a blues band, people lump them in with Heavy Metal Bands. They might be 'Heavy' in sound and volume yet the Sab's are not one dimensional at all. Go and play the albums they progress with each one and Sabbath have the best riff's. Watching them rehearse in LA was exciting-go and see them while you still can.

Does music make you free? Proberly not but it can transport you to a better place.