JANUARY 08 2016

Steve Clark died twenty five years ago today. It's been a shock thinking about that. I vividly remember the day it happened. I was in Convent Garden and my agent called to tell me, I was stunned. The last time I'd seen him was in November at a Queensryche show at the Hammersmith Odeon where he was if I'm honest a total dick. Steve was with his dad who was as drunk as Steve, he kept asking me if I had any coke. Then ignoring me and acting as if he didn't know me. I came away from the show thinking what an arsehole.Yet his death shocked me. You think you could have helped him and the sad reality was he didn’t want any help.

So a quarter of a century later I'm going to think of the Steve I liked, the Steve I knew in Def Leppard-The Steve I toured with and had a good time with. Steve wrote some great riffs and great songs, he could play Jimmy Page better than anyone I know to this day. Every guitarist thinks they can do Jimmy Page and the truth is they can't, it doesn't sound anything like him. Steve could note for note. So here's to Steve Clark twenty five years on 'a Whole Lotta Love'.