JANUARY 18 2016

I spent today looking at my old posters, I have loads framed and unframed. Found this one from The Who's 1975 UK Tour. I went all three nights to the Wembley shows I still have all the tickets somewhere. I was still at Wimbledon School Of Art when I left an hour early to get to Wembley. From Wimbledon you had to get three trains. David Poole who was the head of the drawing Class and also the head of the Royal Society Of Portrait Painters called me in to see him and the head of the school. He sneeringly said 'What's more important drawing or this stupid little pop group'... I replied 'The Who', I queued eleven hours to get tickets I wasn't missing this. He then told me I'd never been an 'Artist' and I was wasting my and his time. David Poole loved to tell you how he was from Stockwell and had worked hard to get where he was as if he was the ONLY person from a working class background.

I'd had enough of this condescending, stuck up, elitest world of so called art, I thought enough of this and left. In 1975 Art Collage was hugely pretentious full of people who could just about draw but had lots of academic qualifications and went because they were rejected by a university... I then became a 'Professional' Photographer which I suppose is equally hugely pretentious. But you know looking back David Poole paints members of Government, I mean that's obviously real art. 'Fuck him' and I still have my Who poster.

Another poster I have is my Sabbath poster from 1978 and I photographed them on this tour. I thought I'd do Van Halen as well this new group from America, in those days if we shot the support group we were doing them a favour. Not so with Van Halen who had an obnoxius PR called Heidi Robertson with them. Heidi wouldn’t let anyone shoot who had not been 'Cleared' by her, so no Van Halen. I ended up photographing Van Halen later in the year at the Rainbow Theatre.

Tomorrow I'm off to Omaha Nebraska to photograph Sabbath on The END Tour. Which I'm looking forward to apart from the weather which I just saw is minus twenty, and I've never been to Omaha. Or I think I've never been unless it was with Iron Maiden or Def Leppard years ago.