JANUARY 19 2016

Up at 5am, have to leave before rush hour to get to Heathrow... London, Stockholm, Chicago, Omaha... a little bit of flying. Obnoxious security at Heathrow a Spanish man in front was threatened for asking a question and they were full in my face aggressive for no reason. I'm actually complaining. Some security wanker with tattoo's shoving his face into people barking at them as if your in the fucking army. And they use terrorism as the excuse to treat you like a five year old-actually a five year old would be treated better as the parents could sue them.

Travelling used to be fun.

And I thought I'd have a couple of hours in Stockholm and we land at a gate which is miles away and my flight is the next gate, so no lounge, nothing to do and if I want to find something exciting I have to do passport control and security again plus it's full of boring Swedes...

Stockholm to Chicago next kind of looking forward to it I've never flown SAS long haul.

SAS was excellent even had Reindeer for dinner, plus security and immigration in Chicago was easy and polite. Had an amazing view of Chicago as I landed. Then at United security I asked if this was the correct gate 'Whuuuuuut' I got back... I actually said 'Do you speak any form of English'. They looked at me 'Whuuuuuut yo' sayin ????' I got back.

I finally flew across white nothing towards a freezing Omaha, I turned to Kazuyo my assistant 'I wonder what they have here'... She looked at me 'Snow stupid lots of it'.