JANUARY 20 2016

Omaha it's cold, really cold and full of snow. Went for a walk it was so bleak I thought I was in the new Revenant film, I did find two records shops one all new vinyl, one lots of old but awful condition. As Peter from Vicious Sloth said to me in Australia MINT should mean as new not looking like a truck has driven over it a few times. I gave up on my vinyl quest.

Black Sabbath first show of the end tour, photographed them doing a great War Pigs at soundcheck. Then went to say hello to Rival Sons who were excellent, live this was the first time I'd seen them in an arena in America, they won over the crowd which is hard as they are all there for Sabbath. And Jay the singer is looking like Jim Morrison.

Good Sabbath show well I'm biased as I grew up on Sabbath like the Who and Led Zeppelin. Tomorrows Dream-Hand Of Doom-Into The Void-Faries Wear Boots. I enjoyed every minute.