JANUARY 25 2016

Jimmy Bain dead. Now this is a blow, far more real to me than Bowie. I photographed Bowie BUT I knew Jimmy Bain. I first saw him as a teenager at the Marquee club with Harlot then Rainbow - Wild Horses was where I really got to know him and Dio then after not seeing Jimmy for thirty years I photographed him in Los Angeles with the Last In Line at the end of last year.

My two abiding memories of him were with Wild Horses where while doing a photoshoot in Westbourne Grove in London, Jimmy gave me my first ever line of cocaine,'Try it, it's good for yer' said Jimmy of course I did. Then after waiting for this amazing effect which didn't come straight away like speed I thought this is doing nothing, except when I went home I couldn't eat my dinner my mother had cooked, and just talked a lot. My other was photographing the Dio band at the Caribou Ranch in Denver while recording The Last In Line record. Jimmy and I went on a 'Bender' I woke up the next day in a log cabin in bed with a stuffed bear and a stuffed wolf a stuffed skunk and various other animals from the wilds of Denver...'Enjoy sleeping with your friends?' said Jimmy.

So it was great to see a cleaned up sober Jimmy last year now a bittersweet memory. I really liked him.
Oh and I still have a cassette tape of of an unmixed Last In Line track which they were working on at Caribou, Jimmy gave it to me 'Just don't tell Ronnie'.

I'll miss him.