JANUARY 29 2003

Flew from New York to Florida for 50 Cent.  Stayed at the very nice Shore Club.  Wanted to shoot 50 around Miami.  He had full security the size of houses, all carrying guns and wearing bullet-proofs vests.  They had no sense of humour whatsoever.  I was told "you can't do this and this and this..."--which meant that you can't do anything.  I pointed out we were in upper-middle-class suburbia.

Shot 50 in a hotel room against the wall, showing off his new tattoo.  And after assuring him that he wasn't going to get wiped out by the Crips or Bloods we shot on Miami Beach...much to the bemusement of sun-bathing tourists.  I should shut up really as his album just went straight to #1.  He's actually a very nice guy.