JULY 03 2015

I get asked what or who inspired me as a photographer. I used to give a list of all the famous '60's music photographers as it was easy to sound inspired, the truth is after buying The Who Live At Leeds a photo was inside uncredited, Pete Townshend jumping with his guitar as if it was an offering to the crowd. It is often credited as been taken at Woodstock, in fact it is the Isle Of Wight Festival 1969.

For years I've never been able to find out who took it, even asking Pete who really had no idea.

A month ago I saw an article on the Isle Of Wight 1969 online and the first picture that came up was my all time favourite photo credited to Stephen Goldblatt (A South African photographer who shot for the Times who went on to become a cinematographer with many famous films to his credit).

It is without a doubt the best rock and roll photo ever taken, it could be anyone jumping yet it communicates the electric feeling I got when I first discovered music. Steven Glodblatt's photo say's more than any photo I have ever taken. To me it sums up why I do what I do for a living...