JULY 08 2015

Spent yesterday driving two hours from Boston to Meadowbrook Arts Centre out in the woods. The first person I see is Jeff Keith talking to a goat and I mean having a full on conversation as if the goat is going to talk back to him. Brian Wheat told me in all seriousness that Jeff doesn't sleep on the bus he travels in the holding bay where he's nearer the earth and the animals. I did notice a strong aroma and it was coming from Jeff who has now given up showering as he wants to smell like a farm animal. Look Jeff is nice but his mind is not there if he was in England he'd be locked up for his own good.

The food was good at the show fresh oysters and lobsters which Jeff started crying over as he claims the oysters have 'Feelings'...it would have been better if Jeff had left us to eat in peace.

So as Tesla and Def Leppard were hanging out I got some photos before Jeff started telling them the theory of life and Frank Hannon who was walking around with his 'Personal' Photographer filming Frank and taking exclusive photos for the Frank Hannon Solo World Tour which I think no one is interested in apart from Frank .

A high stage difficult to shoot, during the end of Tesla I took some behind the drums and the odd part was Troy 'Praying' between each song. I must ask Troy why ????? It might be for my soul or Jeff's Brain.

Def Leppard were good, nice to see Vivian Campbell back.