JULY 29 2015

I've been in Tokyo for a week now, must admit I do like it here - I could easily live here. Went to the Fuji Festival with the Foo Fighters, always good to see them and I even REALLY miss Taylor Hawkins who I hung out with the most, and you know Dave Grohl is a good man. The Throne Dave plays in onstage has to be seen to be believed it is so worth the effort.

Photographed Dave with Royal Blood with the mist soaked hills as a back ground and with Motorhead just as they went onstage. Fantastic Foo's show I hope they keep the Throne for Milton Keynes, the drive back to Tokyo after the show even on empty roads was the drive from hell I did have a good laugh with Kirsten Welsh all about the 80's LA scene and Taylor who thinks he's the world's expert on music.

Got loads of vinyl and cd's in Tokyo from General Norieiga... It was 33c today and considered cooler it is baking hot which in a city I don't mind at all. I did go to the park in Midtown Tokyo and while having a wonderful nap on a bench was awoken by four policeman who said 'No sleeping !!!!' then one of them sat on the bench with his back straight knees together hands on his knees smiling and said in broken English 'Sit on bench like this'... the worst part was they were being serious.

Now with Jimmy Page on a press trip for the last three Led Zeppelin remasters. Did quite a big photo shoot with him today with backgrounds and over the Rainbow Bridge with Tokyo as a backdrop.

Some Tokyo records

Foo Fighters Fuji Festival Japan

Motorhead at the Fuji Festival Japan