JULY 30 2015

Flew today to Hiroshima, I have not been here since 1985. It is very poignant as next Monday is seventy years since the bomb was dropped. Went with Jimmy Page as he was laying flowers and meeting the Mayor-Led Zeppelin played there in 1971 and donated their fee to the city hospital for the victims of the atomic bomb.

Got to say how enjoyable it is flying domestic in Japan-No ID needed, you can take water bottles onboard none of the 100mm rubbish, bags that don't go under your seat can stay on your lap. The screen showed the plane taking off in HD, normally I'd not look at it ,this time I found it fascinating. We arrived to 36C the hottest day of the year it made it all the more real for me being near the date the bomb dropped. I found it upsetting yet moving, I'd like to come again on my own.

We met the Mayor then were off to Osaka for more press finally flew back to Tokyo in the evening.