JULY 31 2015

Japan, off home tomorrow. I'd happily stay here if I could. One of the 7 inch single's I found was Gloria Mundi a band I first photographed for Rod Smallwood in 1977, the night Elvis died August 16th (I don't know why I remember that date) I was at Dingwall's in London at a Gloria Mundi show, I photographed them a lot I have no idea where the negs are I should look. I just sent Rod the single cover. The other is Nazareth, the photo on the single is from the Rainbow Theatre 1972 opening for Deep Purple-The photos ended up on the cover of the LP Razamanaz. So cool to find two things in Tokyo from my teens.

If you are here and want to eat the best pizza in Japan go to Napule we all went about five times this week.
Spent ages today with Jimmy in Disc Union looking stuff wandering around Shinjuku... shopping in the summer sun.
This evening we ate at a very upmarket hotel where it was an open kitchen with a French Chef who was screaming at his Japanese Staff. You see the tv shows with this and it's kind of awfully entertaining, this was just wrong . I felt like going over and telling him to fuck off as he was throwing pots and pans drinking red wine and being well 'French'.

We tried the bar and just like all the five star hotels in Japan it had shitty Jazz played by Europeans who are sub standard bores playing at volume you can't have a conversation over. Fuck it I'd had enough and went for a walk, after all the five star food with the stupid screaming chef what do I see a fish and chip shop right across the street from the Tokyo Mid-Town Plaza... it sort of made me happy.

I took some photos to finish the night, doing my best Blade Runner impersonation of Tokyo. Flying home tomorrow I'm going to miss Japan.