JUNE 02 2016

In Arrhus Denmark,this morning. Was at Horsens last night at the PRISON an old prison now used as a venue. Beautiful light there.Did some photos of Joe Perry and Alice Cooper in the cells. Was going to do a shoot with the whole band as well except it got to show time. My highlight was seeing Mark Tramp one of my oldest friends and it has been awhile.

After Lisbon went to Frankfurt which was a drama as bad weather caused our plane to divert to Cologne where we sat on the runway for three hours then eventually flew for thirteen minutes to Frankfurt that was a long day. The show was in Hessennberg in the middle of nowhere at least a two hour drive. The stage so high you couldn’t see the band, I did get some nice photos before the band played.

Today its goodbye to Denmark off to Romania... home of Dracula with some Hollywood Vampires.