MAY 02 2016

Spent Sunday in a very sunny Amsterdam photographing The Kills. My hotel was on the outskirts of the city called The LLOYD it was a huge old art deco building quite imposing at first I thought it was a factory. It turned out to be a former prison for juveniles. The bar restaurant was huge in a minimalist trendy way, looking at it, it dawned on me that it was the former mess hall for the inmates. My room wasn't ready until 5pm so they upgraded me to the attic where I had a huge room with a massive bath and a swing hanging from the beams in the middle of the room. I’d like to have stayed longer.

Took The Kills around Amsterdam it was so nice the city was packed full of tourists, so my idea was to photograph them with the city reflected in their mirrored sunglasses. The show was a nightmare to shoot a small club which was packed you could hardly move, must say enjoyable show a long day…

Here’s Devendra Barnhart from new issue of Q photographed at his home in Echo Park Los Angeles.