MAY 09 2016

I've had loads of messages asking if I'm doing the ACDC Tour and the answer is 'NO' the other bit I'm asked is what do I think of Bon Scott-Brian Johnson-Axel Rose...

So rather than write to people this is my thoughts.

Well I never was a huge fan of Brian Johnson mainly because I saw ACDC loads of times with Bon Scott. They used to play the Marquee Club twice a week in the heatwave of 1975 and I must have seen them at least ten times plus at various pubs in London. Bon had a swagger and looked like a lot of fun. Now the question is was Bon fun ? To be honest the two times I met him backstage at Wembley Stadium August 18th 1979 ( Fuck knows why I always remember dates of Who shows-ACDC were opening for the Who ) and the night he died, I asked him to take a photo and he was an arsehole rude and belligerent as only a Scots-Australian can-full of bravado with nothing behind it. I found him hugely disappointing from the point of view of being a fan. And to make the point I only met Keith Moon of the Who twice and I was a gushing fan. Keith was super nice and charming and I must have been boring him to death.

Still as a performer live give me Bon Scott he had the X ingredient of the best rock star onstage. Axl I've not photographed since the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, but from what I've seen on Youtube etc... Axl does a great job. Axl sings fantastically and I'll take him any day over Brian Johnson and whatever you might think about him he is, like Bon Scott a 'Rock Star'