NOVEMBER 05 2015

I thought I'd sleep on the flight - I managed a whole two hours awoke over India Annapura Mountains - Kathmandu - Mount Everest - Darjeeling then south over Kolkata. I saw nothing it was night. Just watched the route map. It was to me at least 'Exotic'.

Half thinking about work, I then remembered I'd photographed Jimmy Page on Halloween in Chelsea. It was a beautiful Saturday we went outside the old Led Zeppelin offices in the Kings Road just as Chelsea had lost to Liverpool. So the whole road was full of Chelsea Shed Boys - not the best idea. Still got it done and I got some good portraits.

Land in Bangkok for a bit then across Vietnam huge storm clouds over Da Nang we are flying at 40,000 Feet and I can only see white. Heading past Hong Kong and across Taipei then Okinawa. Landed in a sunny Tokyo at 4pm as the sun was setting got some photos of Mount Fuji.