NOVEMBER 11 2015


Went to Tsukiji fish market for the first time in years it was full of tourists. The Fish mongers were getting pissed off with them and I could see why nobody buying anything just taking photos. Me included if I'm honest, but I did buy some Uni. I like waking up in Tokyo at 5am watching the dawn over the city when I'm high up. Mild weather in Tokyo then it started raining monsoon type rain it made you want to do nothing.

I did go record shopping, sort of except everything I liked or wanted was $500, my find was White Label Promos of Black Sabbath's Sabotage and Judas Priest's Sad Wings Of Destiny for 1,000 Yen Each. General Norieiga my valet and only friend got me The Hoople by Mott The Hoople.

Def Leppard at the Tokyo Budokan. Normally a polite crowd this time they were going crazy as soon as they came on. Joe Elliott played a dedicated the into to One Of The Boys to me. Osaka show was strange to shoot the stage was two foot high and when I stood up I felt I was in the middle of the band in the middle of the show.

Osaka at The ST. Regis beautiful Hotel with an outdoor Japanese Garden high up, it's as if your floating in the sky like a Roger Dean art work-plus Osaka is south so the weather's sunny and warm.

Spent today in the very warm Kyoto Hood, it was so warm it was almost summer, I actually got a lot of photos of Joe, Phil and Vivian. Tomorrow Hello Nagoya...