NOVEMBER 23 2015


After three days of rainy Melbourne it was off to Singapore-I was quite sad to leave Australia would like to have stayed longer if the sun had been out. Melbourne-Sydney are like the UK you can't count on the weather.

Flew past Adelaide and across Lake Eyre and straight over Uluru literally over the very top I think I got one frame of the whole rock, I suppose at least from a different angle. Left Australia over Derby ( Which is in the North of Australia, same as the North of England ) out over the very blue Indian Ocean. Fly over just sea then you see Bali with Mountains Volcano's huge white clouds on over Surabaya it looked magical to me like Shangri La if it existed. I was flying mid-afternoon it would have looked even more magical a couple of hours later.

At The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore-A real resort Hotel. I wouldn't stay here again worth going once just to see the pool floating high in the sky - totally over the top if your a kid you'd love it here. It's like being stuck in a Yes Album cover by Roger Dean.

I even did a shoot with Def Leppard just to get a sense of scale and where we are.