OCTOBER 08 2015

I’ve been playing records randomly, the Jimi Hendrix is from the Royal Albert Hall show which was filmed and still has never come out. There is a bootleg of this show uncut from Japan, 24th February 1969 recorded by Glyn Johns which sounds amazing. This LP came out with a load of Hendrix stuff after his death it's worth getting for the blues song Bleeding Heart.

My two big record pleasures are a Journey Boot from the first tour with Steve Perry from Philadelphia and The Last Week Of The Fillmore, it is The Allman Brothers at they're very best plus J.Geils-Mountain and the BIG surprise is The Beach Boys. Now I HATE The Beach Boys, you can flush Pet Sounds straight down the toilet for all I care. At this show they play There's A Riot Going and one of the best version's of Your Song by Elton John, they really are great on this.