OCTOBER 19 2015

A strange day flying to Los Angeles last Friday, it was as if the plane was chasing the light and as we got over Utah it was gone.

I was first off the plane and Air New Zealand lost my bags-apart from complete disinterest from the ground staff, it took them two days to find my bags had gone to Auckland. Not even we’re sorry more fuck you very much.

Saturday night I was in Anaheim at the enormous Honda Centre for the final Foo Fighters US Arena show. Dave Grohl said 'Are you fucking living here I keep seeing you in LA' Then turning to who ever else was in the dressing room 'This is Ross he's an asshole'... I take that as a compliment. Great to shoot the Foo's show I even shot thirteen rolls of black and white film.

I was given by Bob at Freakbeat a very nice set of Billy Holiday 78's, now if only I could play them.

As I’m in Hollywood some Hollywood Vampires from last month...