Spent the last weekend flying, first to Frankfurt then on to Moscow to meet up with Aerosmith, who were playing a show for nine hundred years of the city of Moscow - maybe I'm missing a few years.

Steven Tyler went for a walk with me to Red Square, which was closed for the celebrations. Got to hand it to ST, he talked the Police into letting just us in which was a good thing as we had five hundred fans following us. Had a good time with Steven just hanging out taking photos. It has been a while since it was just him and me without an entourage a lot of fun.

A high light was going to dinner with Joe Perry and John Bionelli to Pushkin, a restaurant where we dinned on various caviars, it was decadent in a very fun old school way. We finished the night taking photos on the street with the lights from the show beaming into the sky.

The show was hard to photograph due to a high stage where you couldn't see anything from the front, so I shot most of it onstage. There were three million people watching it on screens around the streets. I had to fight through a massive crowd to get into my hotel. Saying that Moscow feels safe compared to a lot of other city's that speak English.

Flew home on Sunday via Frankfurt again where the plane I was on was carrying on to London, yet you have to get of f-get a bus in - do security which in Germany which means that EVERY camera and lens and battery out of my bag is swabbed. Then you do a security passport check ad get bussed back onto the same plane. Honestly travelling used to be exciting you'd dress up it was an event now it's just a pain.

Beautiful view of London landing on a sunny day you get the contrast and the river as you turn over the city, one of my favourite views in the world.

Landed and drove to Milton Keynes to see the Foo Fighters, I can't see who would want to live here - it's a big nothing. Great to see the Foo's; good light show another high stage but easier than the Aerosmith show. The security Showsec were heavy handed in the photo pit, bullying with menace. This isn't the Foo Fighters people, it's the people hired by the promoter nasty and fat and threatening. There really is no need for it. The head one in the barricade was in my face for no reason. Ignorant bunch of morons, in Moscow the security didn't speak a word of English dealt with three million people and were polite.

Monday I was in Chelsea Harbour photographing Mr. John Lydon of PIL, it was a pleasure as John said to me "Nice to be photographed by the 'Old' School". We were talking about bands in the early '70's and John like I went to the Oval to see The Who and The Faces - Atomic Rooster he agreed were awful although we both liked some of their stuff he even remembered seeing America on the show. I have to say John looks fantastic for sixty when doing photos he always makes an effort. Monday evening I met up with Jeff Beck for fish and chips a fairly musical day. Tomorrow off to Los Angeles.