A very happy birthday yesterday to Joe Perry.

Here's Joe with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp - The Hollywood Vampires!

In Los Angeles, I flew over on the new 787 Dreamliner it was really good. The plane had windows that worked by pressing a LED button and the best part was the route map which had a screen that was interactive and you could zoom in on your home - I played with it all the way. Flew through strange stormy weather outside of LA then into huge thunderstorms finally landing in baking hot sunny Los Angeles.

Thursday was a VERY rock and roll day... Spoke to Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer then the afternoon was spent in the company of the Hollywood Vampires. Mr. Alice Cooper-Mr. Johnny Depp - Mr. Joe Perry (Who I haven't seen in three days since Moscow...) - Mr. Duff McKagan and Mr. Matt Sorum.

After photographing The Vampires and I did a big photo session. It was off to downtown LA for a secret show by The Queens Of The Stone at the Teragram Ballroom. Now it was nice to see Josh in fact it was nice to see all of them - Troy - John and Dean. I also ran into Alex Turner and got some photos of Josh/Alex together. A long day but a highly enjoyable one.

And I woke up today and it's September 11th. A sobering date, lets not forget what happened in NYC. Spare a moment reflecting about life, you can wake up to a glorious day then it can all be gone.