Los Angeles...

I have a seriously messed up foot, now officially limping I saw a doctor in Sacramento and a German foot specialist in London both told me my days of using a treadmill are over. Had a huge needle put in by the doctor it 'Hurt', but the foots feeling better. Now I have a bad chest to much flying and as it's so hot in LA to much AC everywhere.

One of the highlights of watching the Hollywood Vampires rehearse was Alice Cooper sitting on a couch on his own messing around on a harmonica and without thinking Alice started playing Generation Landslide.

I spent Friday night watching Paul Stanley’s Soul Station at the Roxy (If you like '60's soul you'll love it...), me and John Bionelli who spent the whole show telling people to be quiet so he could film it on his iPhone.

I did find a mint in shrink copy of the red Grand Funk Album - being after a mint one for ages.

At The Book Soup I saw photographer Dennis Morris and got him to sign his excellent book The Bollocks A Photo Essay Of The Sex Pistols. I'm in the middle of reading John Lydon’s book Rotton - No Irish - No Blacks - No Dogs.

Queens of the Stone Age Live in LA, 11 September 2015