Los Angeles... Flying home tonight. Been great weather even in San Francisco where I photographed Def Leppard at Shoreline. It's been awhile since I'd been there, I think the last time was with The Who. The stage is so low it's as if I'm onstage sort of falling onto the band. A packed crowd 21,000 people.

Tesla were good to shoot-and I even got Jeff Keith in his underwear under a Dead Head Skull-His interfering wife was even moaning .

I did some of Phil Collen after soundcheck sitting in the seats.

We drove straight after the show back to Los Angeles - I travelled with Phil and my 'Gro Brian Wheat. Arrived just in time for breakfast with John Bionelli, Kazuyo was in tears seeing John leave for Rio with his new Japanese servant Nobu.
The Los Angeles Forum today,one of those shows where I'm being asked for tickets as the show started.

Monday was my big Def Leppard Press shoot day, it started slowly as everyone was worn out and tired then it just clicked into place-I was pleased with it in the end - it flowed the band looked great. Came back to my hotel for ten minutes then back to the Forum for The Foo Fighters.I've shot Dave Grohl in his throne twice before - I found it was easy - I loved the lighting. Stevie Nicks played two songs with Haim not my thing at all far to limp. Saying that the crowd loved it.
Spent the next day looking at Def Leppard-Foo Fighters until I was going crosseyed.

On this trip I've dropped two cameras my main Nikon lens smashed at Shoreline and today while shooting the late afternoon sunlight, I was accosted by a man demanding money then screaming at me 'Fuck you go to hell!' I went to walk around him and tripped dropping my Olympus EM-1 smashing the my new 12mm lens...

So flying home tonight seems strange leaving Los Angeles, As I was leaving my hotel I received a really nice email from Chris Cornell, it kind of made me have faith in what I do.