APRIL 07 2015


Good Friday I spent at the Reading record fair with Jimmy Page and Matt Goom. It was packed, I enjoying nothing more than going through loads of bins looking at records. Dave Lewis was there,and my old mate Simon Pallett who picked up a mint Gene Vincent Bluejean Bop on the Turquoise Capitol label for £10.00 (Jesus had risen to give him a present). Simon gave it to me which made my weekend.

My other find was a Phil Lynott Poster just for the graphics. Found an Iron Maiden bootleg 7inch which has my photo from the first photo shoot I did with them in Leicester Square.

I did enjoy Saturday morning playing Gene Vincent's Hot Rod Gang EP until Pete Makowski who was staying got up in his soiled under wear and and said can I turn this Do Wop A Lo Wop crap off!!!! Poles have no taste.

Spent Sunday playing records that I don't normally bother with. Frankie Miller Once In A Blue Moon I wanted to like but it's just not any good - it's now in my get rid of pile. Nazareth Hair Of The Dog is good especially Changin'Times which has a great Manny Charlton riff in the middle section. The Depressions who were a Punk band slightly after Punk-I photographed them a few times in 1978-Good record, I'd like to find their second LP which I can't think of the title. Atomic Rooster In Hearing Of, it's of the time cover by Roger Dean pre-his Yes artwork. Diamond Head Living On... Borrowed Time, this I was never into to sub-standard Brummy Black Sabbath. Listening to it now I can see why Metallica covered Am I Evil, it has something. Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers and Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out !, been a while it shows 1969-71 were classic years in records.

New cover of Blues Magazine with my Jimmy Page Photo.

Rival Sons at the Round House