APRIL 10 2015

Photographed Ronnie Wood this week, the highlight of my day was Ronnie signed my Baron Wolman print of the Jeff Beck Group and a Barry Plummer print from the Weeley Festival in 1971plus Ronnie knew exactly where it was.

Found an old box of DVDs I'd gotten years ago in Japan. Got a good Rolling Stones one of various bits from 1969 and Coverdale/Page from Nagoya 1993. Now the highlight has to be Brett Tuggles' keyboard solo (I was on that tour and I have no memory of him doing a solo), where Brett plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. It is so awful and out of place I played it twice and it's hysterical for all the wrong reasons. The other thing I'd never noticed before was In My Time Of Dying straight into Here I Go Again which is quite funny if you think about it. And before you all think I don't like it the band and sound are excellent. David Coverdale saying "Nagoya tonight your looking remarkably fucking sexy" beats "Good evening Nagoya" any day plus DC's vocals are awesome.

My 'Gro Brian Wheat's been over for a week hiding from his band and his singers retarded lyrics, Ricochet from the last Tesla record written by sixty seven year old Jeff Keith... "Me and the boys are gonna rock tonight". I rest my case.
Off to see The Pretty Things tonight in Putney. The last time I'd seen them was in Melbourne with my mate Ange looking forward to it. A French single from the second LP Progress.