APRIL 17 2015

I'm writing this in Vancouver Island BC, I'd flown up to Vancouver and connected to Penticton which was very scenic in the middle of nowhere.

Now I fly a lot and the view landing in Vancouver was spectacular. Jaw dropping, the city with mountains going off into the great wide open.


I normally dread Canadian immigration and to be honest they couldn't have been nicer, plus it's good to be back with Def Leppard. For all the times I've photographed them I’ve never been to Canada with them so I'm particularly enjoying being here.

You tend to forget just how many hit songs DL have, hit after hit. The encores of Rock Of Ages straight into Photograph was a great end of the show.

We all drove overnight then on to the ferry to Victoria, got to the hotel which has an amazing view across the water looking at the coast of America.

Spent this evening with Joe Elliott having sushi then Joe gave me a Ian Hunter live show from Norway. I'm sitting at midnight listening to "Wash Away"... fantastic song. I can hang out with Joe and discuss and play music all night. It's Record Store Day this Saturday and I'm oddly excited, I've been asking my mate Dave Clark in Vancouver and Dave Lewis in London to look out for records I 'Have' to have. Well I don't have to have them it's a strange collecting like a drug.