APRIL 20 2015

Writing this on my way home to London, after Def Leppard in Vancouver. I got three hours sleep had to be at Vancouver airport at 4am to clear US Customs. Flew to LA for the day to sort of relax but as it was record store day the day before went off to look at records. I was just looking and I found that relaxing.

Before the show in Vancouver I'd spent the Saturday doing the same with my mate Dave Clark, good vibe packed shops bands playing. It was sort of sad I had to go back for the show. My big want was Roxy Music Ladytron 10inch which no body had. Couldn't get it at all - I did find a South African copy of Deep Purple Fireball with the textured cover and the inner bag written in Africans.

Def Leppards three show were really good, they come on and play an hour of hit singles even the dreadful Love Bites. I should also say the venue security in Victoria and Vancouver were the best I've ever dealt with, friendly good at their job. It made a change from some fat bastard blocking the way and being threatening and highly unpleasant to people. Canada I salute you...

Just before I left LA I was being sent photos of my old mate "Diamond" Dave Grohl, who while playing at a record store in Ohio was wearing one of my Ross Halfin Photography T-Shirts. You have to admit "Diamond Dave" has great taste.