APRIL 27 2015

Now if your looking for something to play this is amazing. Rush Missouri Radio Broadcast from 1980 while they still had some 'Rock' firmly in them - it has a bit of everything you love in Rush. In The Mood-Xanadu - Finding My Way and the drum solo where the drums still had that basic Rush 70's sound. It's Rush right smack in the period where they crossed over from the 70's sound to the more refined Rush that you have now... go and get this it's the perfect accompaniment to All The World's A Stage. I also went and put on Hemispheres just for Freewill. And tried to like Presto - good cover not a great record.

A Faith No More bootleg I saw, with a nice title plus my cover photo lifted from a magazine.

The Who Won't Get Fooled Again, this cover photo is my all time favourite Who photo session and in 1971 the Who really were The Greatest Rock and Roll band in the World.

Graham Parker Heat Treatment, I photographed him in the late 70's at the Roundhouse and most of the venues in London. He never clicked all the 'bores' who wrote for Sounds - Melody Maker and the NME loved him. The new Dylan and a white soul boy-they is no such thing as a white soul boy you have to be black.The songs Heat Treatment and Soul Shoes were good.

The new issue of Mojo has Ian Hunter's Diary from Japan earlier this year, it's a good read go and find it. Finally Joe Elliott during a recent fashion shoot for Italian Vogue.