FEBRUARY 02 2015

I am writing this on death's door, well I have a cold and a bad chest and feel extremely sorry for myself.

With magazine and cd covers as a photographer I'm generally not happy with how they always come out . You give your photos to a designer and they 'Design'... Here are a few just out of mine I like.

Rainbow box set with my Blackmore cover I honestly don't remember where I took this, it was used on the cover of a Japanese Tour Book at the time. On the new box set and book it looks fantastic oddly like a set up studio photo,it is a real live shot.

A couple of covers 'beatleg' with Alice Cooper-Japanese magazine and the new cover of 'Guitar World' with Tony and Geezer from Black Sabbath. Both simple and effective what I like or strive for when shooting photos.

Spent Sunday playing cds I got in Japan. The Aerosmith ones are amazing, ROCKS SESSIONS is the album backing tracks with no vocals - you can here the band counting in the songs plus Rats In The Cellar has a completely different ending. Rocks Zurich and Detroit is the 1976 Aerosmith at their very best. The Keith Richard I got just because it has a photo of mine, stolen for the cover. A couple of Faces, Seattle 1972 and San Bernanardino 1975 both good quality recordings.

Saturday I spent at the Olympia Record Fair, full of moaning old men 'Drooling' over vinyl... unfortunately I am one of them. I got excited 'cos I found six records I've been after for ages, Budgie In For The Kill and Whiskey River the first single - Deep Purple H-Bomb (The first ever Deep Purple vinyl bootleg, which I first saw in the Virgin Megastore in 1971) - Iron Maiden Running Free (With my photo on the back, which I also had no recollection of...) - Black Sabbath a German record club edition with a great cove r -Big Bill Broonzy Sings The Blues 7 Inch from Paris in 1956.