FEBRUARY 09 2015

As I am still barely alive and on death's door with a bad chest. I spent Saturday reading the papers mainly a huge feature in the Guardian on why we are obsessed with the Nazi's. A good point, my excuse is my father and two uncles fought them. I like WWII posters books etc, it doesn't make me a Nazi it's history. Plus the fact Germans have no sense of humour and even less sense of humour about the war. I remember in the early '80's I photographed Accept for Sounds and commented that they looked like Stormtroopers, I was joking... that was the end of my session and a pissed off Udo Dirkschneider.

I mean come on it ended in 1945...

Saxon were playing and my friend Matt Goom invited me but death was hanging over me so it was Saturday night watching the tv... the highlight I missed at the Saxon show was the blonde Aryan Fraeulein Doro attacking London on Denim And Leather !!!!! If you think about it Saxon could have sung 'Deutschland And Leather'... It set the spirit free-could be a hit in the 'Fatherland'.

See I'm still obsessed with the Germans...'Achtung'.

Sunday was a beautiful day, made you appreciate England or in my case London. I was doing the driving , picked up Jimmy Page and with Matt Goom in tow had a day at the Reading record fair. I even ran into Simon Pallatte an old friend who I hadn't seen in ages. Got Bob Dylan the Albert Hall 1966, now I'm not crazy on Dylan ( Being a mere child ) this was the moment when he changed folk music forever.As it says on the back of the record "This recording has been produced as a necessary part of the evolution of Rock Musi"...

I did pick up a few singles The Kinks Lola - ZZ Top La Grange - BTO You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet and as I've been going on about the Fatherland Udo Lindenberg No Panic just for the cover. I sat at home Sunday night and played the Udo LP four times, it has load of riffs worth finding.

And I've been playing the new Blackberry Smoke LP Holding All The Roses, go and get it.

Woke up Monday morning looked at BBC News and it was depressingly all about the Grammys... time to play some real records.

Monday had amazing light in my garden, like you get in Japan. If winter looked like this all the time I wouldn’t mind the cold at all.