FEBRUARY 17 2015

A few compilation LP's I dug out I used to buy these in the 1970's. The first one I ever got was Bumpers as it had Thunderbuck Ram by Mott The Hoople on it. Then The New Age Of Atlantic for Led Zeppelin, this LP is where I discovered Loudon Wainwright III and Motel Blues the best blues acoustic song ever. Also Fruity and The Warner Bros Music Show which was also a tour where I saw Montrose and The Doobie Bros. at the Rainbow Theatre.

Someone should reissue all these on CD... or even better on vinyl.

A few Led Zeppelin bits of old vinyl I just like the artwork.

Photographed Zakk Wylde at the Roundhouse and Scott Gorham in deepest darkest Hackney…..
Off to The Colony tomorrow... for some Soundgarden.