FEBRUARY 22 2015

Australia... Adelaide was roasting hot 40C, and Melbourne was hot in a Texas summer heat way, great black clouds yet it felt as if someone was going to tread on you the air was heavy. It was as if you could push the sky if you reached up.

Have seen a lot of old friends, Cedric and Omar now fronting Atreyu. Burton and Dino from Fear Factory. Glenn Tipton from the "Mighty Judas Priest", who I have not seen in a few years. Faith No More, who I shot on their completely white stage... which meant that I had to wear white. I sort of felt like Jesus. All these years I've just worn black the official concert work clothes.

Faith no more

Soundgarden played Searching With My Good Eye Closed to open the show in Melbourne they were "Amazing"...

After the Soundwave Melbourne show I went to bed at 3AM and was wide awake at 6AM. Jet Lag I hate you.

As a side note if you are ever in Adelaide and your Mac is not working, go to the Apple Store. The staff could not have been nicer and more helpful they fixed my problem instantly. You don’t get that from Apple in America or England.

I spent today with Ange-Pete and Glenn at Vicious Sloth the best record shop in Australia.