JANUARY 05 2015

I actually spent most of the New Year sorting out my records, I found it mentally therapeutic. I never for one liked Rainbow Bridge the soundtrack to the post dead Hendrix film. Yet playing it again it sounds currant much better than I remember in 1971 also The Cry Of Love is another good post Hendrix record. Can are another band that everyone has to like because they are Mojo magazine fodder some of the stuff is crap and I'm being kind. The LP Monster Movie is interesting in it's basic-ness and Tago Mago but the rest you can more or less not bother. I dug out some Japanese Who records I like the artwork, my favourite is the Odds And Sods Promo.

Another thing I did was visit The Imperial War Museum in London. Now I used to love going here my father took me as a child, the last time I went was with Paul Stanley, it was amazing, although sobering as well looking at World War II uniforms from the allies to US Army-Japanese and lots of Nazi stuff, Waffen SS to machine guns, swords, bayonets, helmets you name it, it's there. Now they're renovated the museum all hanging Spitfires and a couple of big bombs.

Everything has gone apart from a wrecked Japanese Zero and a huge Nazi Eagle with a shellhole in the wing it's all quite PC and sanitised. I asked one of the security where all the 'Evil' stuff was. 'We got rid of it, we're trying to make it more child friendly'. What? A War Museum 'Child friendly' ?????? I mean this isn't Lego or Disney Land. This place is supposed to stand as a Historical warning of what happened. The Holocaust floor is still there and that is grim as it should be. But I mean what are you supposed to do ring Lemmy and ask if you can pop round to see his collection. I thought that the War Museum in Paris was poor compared to London but it's a lot better than this Child Friendly crap. Very sad to see this.


The new issues of Classic Rock and Q out now. Queen photographed in Wembley, Angus Young in New York.