JANUARY 09 2015

I've been playing The Who, a band I loved as a teenager then kind of got fed up listening to them. I mean I liked them, just stopped playing them, so I thought over the holiday I'd play some records and see what I could find. There are certain songs I can't listen to anymore Freebird, Smoke On The Water, Behind Blue Eyes, Stairway To Heaven, Blackdiamond, All The Young Dudes, Stay With Me, Sweet Child Of Mine and Legs. I don't hate them just have heard them so much I switch off to them. There are some which still get me Free Alright Now, Golden Earring Radar Love, Rod Stewart Every Picture Tells A Story, Who Won't Get Fooled Again, Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love and Ian Hunter Once Bitten Twice Shy. I'm off to photograph Ian in Tokyo next week. Ian's never been to the Far East so I'm looking forward to it.

Some Jimmy Page photo outtakes from a studio shoot I did, it's his birthday today and another record is the remastered Physical Graffiti coming out next month.

A few more of Micheal Schenker as I’ve been sorting out some Temple Of Rock photos.