JANUARY 19 2015


I've been enjoying hanging out with Ian Hunter from going to his shows to just doing tourist stuff even going to dinner at Hama the steak house where you get Matsuzaka Gyu. It was amazing,seriously and Napule in Tokyo Mid-town where I've been a few times in the past with Jimmy Page, Napoli won an award for best pizza beating the Italians, maybe I should write a food column instead of stuff about bands.

Ian and his band played three nights at a place called the Garden. Ian liked the first night best as it was in true Mott The Hoople style a bit all over the place. Personally I liked the last night as the band was rocking plus the crowd got All The Way From Memphis, The Golden Age Of Rock And Rol, I Wish I Was Your Mother, The Original Mixed Up Kid-Sweet Jane, Roll Away The Stone, All The Young Dudes (With Morgan Fisher on piano) plus all the good solo stuff. During Dudes three girls and a couple of men were crying tears streaming down their faces, 'Come on we can't be that bad !!!!' laughed Ian to the crowd. And guitarist Mark Bosch seemed to think he was playing a solo show blowing kisses at the crowd - crossing his legs and bowing theatrically between each song like an affected French aristocrat, it was quite odd as none of the crowd were blowing any kisses back or acknowledged him. It was a great way to finish the three shows.

A high for me was seeing the photographer Sukita who gave me two prints one of Marc Bolan and Mika from the Sadistic Mika Band who I've been in love with since I was sixteen. Sukita told me he'd spoken to Mika and she was flattered that I wanted a print of her, I think I'd be quite embarrassed if I met her.

Nori my best friend in Japan and my personal 'Valet', got me two presents an acetate of the first Mott The Hoople LP which is a different mix and a White Label Mono Promo of Wildlife. Ian had never seen either and wants to hear the acetate,he thought the writing on the labels was either Guy Stevens or Mick Ralphs hand writing. General Norieiga also got me Hell On Earth on Music For Nations with Metallica-Ratt and a load of other 'Metal' rubbish. The cover art is so bad it is fantastic, Music For Nations was not an amazing label now after all this time this early '80's Metal seems to be collectible with middle aged men getting excited and misty eyed over it.

The last day Ian was here we did a trip to Mount Fuji, not as far as I expected to get the view about ninety minutes from Tokyo. It was cold as in snowing cold but after the city silent in a serene fashion. I photographed Ian in the long reeds by the water in a huge lake and at a temple in the woods in the snow then did some portraits as the sun was about to set with Mount Fuji as a back drop... Like the Mott The Hoople song 'Walking With A Mountain'.