JANUARY 20 2015

Flying home today on Virgin, which is going to stop flying to Japan at the end of this month. I'm going to miss it, the crew were younger and far more friendlier than ANA who although polite are so proper it’s like flying in a doctor's waiting room. And Virgin beat BA hands down, I came back from Tokyo last year as I got on the plane I asked the air hostess if I could have a newspaper. As she was eating a bag of crisps in the galley she looked down her nose at me and said 'These are for First Class passengers'. I sat down in my seat 2A and pressed the call button. She came to my seat annoyed 'Are you sitting here this is First Class!'... me getting pissed off 'No I thought I sit here and you wouldn't notice can I have my paper now?'. She didn't even apologise, like I said I'll miss flying Virgin.