JANUARY 22 2015

Flew last night on British Airways to Sao Paulo, not a bad flight just a long flight. Got in at dawn to a rainy hot Sao Paulo, now the not so fun bit was customs stopping me and wanting to know if I'm here to sell my cameras. Me getting annoyed 'Why would I fly 6,000 miles to sell my old cameras?'... He let me go and thinking about it, I think he was after a bribe they did this in Mexico as well.

So I get out of the airport then spend two hours in solid traffic to arrive and be told my room will be ready in three hours time. Sometimes traveling is just not fun. And to top it all off I left my mains lead to my computer at home. The Concierge at the hotel was so cool he gave me one and said to post it back to him when I leave Brazil... at least a nice deed to start the day.

Here are some more travel photos from Japan...