JANUARY 27 2015

Strange being in Brazil, I have not been here for fourteen years yet Sao Paulo and even more so Rio are oddly familiar.

I spent most of my time hanging out with Taylor from going for dinner Brazilian style meat-meat and more meat to just doing nothing.

I finished my stay here by doing a photo shoot with Chez Foos at the Copacabana Palace over looking Copacabana beach at dusk. I wanted to go outside but it would have turned into a circus.

The Foo Fighters show in Maracana Stadium was like being in a giant steam room it was so hot,I was soaking before they even went on and the walk from the dressing room to the stage seemed about half a mile and Taylor went on stage in one of my t-shirts which was nice of him. Plus if you want value for money the Foos play for nearly three hours and the bellboy in my hotel said they'd sold more tickets than Paul McCartney.

While being in the deep south, I'd heard from a lot of Iron Maiden fans the band seem to be like a religion in South America. People brought my Metallica and mostly my Iron Maiden books to get signed. Both have different covers which I don't mind but it would have been nice of the publishers to ask me or tell me or even send me copies.

Flew home last night from Rio, odd being home I quite miss it.