JUNE 03 2015

I finished May in Paris with Brandon Flowers. The Killers have among other photographers a horrible reputation for being complete arsehole's. So I went to Paris mentally ready for a fight . Brandon could not have being nicer and helpful, I even felt a bit guilty for having 'EVIL' thoughts. Plus he was one of the best frontmen I have seen live. I 'Actually' loved his show.He was such a gentleman I didn't even insult him.

Oslo Norway...
My journey started with landing in Oslo to rain gushing winds and cold. Winter was back.

You land and walk for about a mile to passport and customs then I got a local taxi in to the city after fifteen minutes it was eighty three euros,and it was a fifty minute drive to my horror I got a two hundred and sixty euro taxi fare... Nice way to start the day.

Well I do have to say the hotel 'The Thief' made up for this. If I had to list the best hotel in Scandinavia this wins hands down and a bigger plus was Dominic Gorham who runs the hotel was not only from London he was also from Wimbledon ( Where I'm from ). Dominic knew every street school and pub in my former 'Hood' plus he is fantasticly informed on everything.

The night was spent in the company of Def Leppard and the 'Mighty' Judas Priest. It was a pleasure working tonight, I've known Priest for nearly forty years and Leppard for thirty six years. I mean this in the sense that other bands are friendly but these two I feel at home. It was great to catch up with Glenn Tipton who I photographed warming up and got some photos of Glenn and Joe Elliott. Then I got the 'Metal God' Mr. Halford and Joe photographing them in the shower. To which Rob said 'Why do we always end up in here?'. I even grabbed some photos of Rick and Scott.

The 'Mighty' Priest played Turbo Lover-Victim Of Changes ( The greatest Metal anthem ever ..)-And both bands played as Joe Elliott pointed out 'Love Bites'. I had the best night... in the land of the 'Metal Gods'.

This morning I woke to glorious sunshine, Oslo had turned into summer. After breakfast Phil Collen - Mike Kobayashi - 'Filthy' Kazuyo and yours truly took the bus ( a boat across the water ) to the Viking Museum. Which was full of Chinese pushing you out of the way, looking at the long ships which had spent 850AD coming over to England for some raping and looting. As you did in the 'Dark Ages' before the Norwegians discovered 'Black Metal' and started burning down church's. Filthy made the three of us pose in Viking Helmets that you can buy for five year olds.

My sunny afternoon I actually did some work shooting a big impromptu Def Leppard Photo shoot. I'd have like to have mainly shot outdoors but the Norse Gods were blowing wind from Valhalla so I settled for an empty underground car park-found by that fine man Dominic.

Finished Def Leppard and took the last flight home-after another two mile walk through the airport. I was even singing Judas Priest songs to Filthy on the plane.