JUNE 15 2015

A weekend hanging with Kiss... Friday I had afternoon tea with Paul Stanley and Jimmy Page. In the evening dinner with Paul at Hakkasan in London.

Sunday was Download.Now I'd love to go to one where it was actually nice weather, it's been great weather in London and what do we get for the weekend 'The land of the cloud and rain' plus nothing like standing around freeeeeeezing your arse off.

Still all my chums were there-Blackberry Smoke who I took to meet Nikki Sixx and they stood gaping at him-you kind of forget what old Nikki is to some people. Saw Slash-Mike Muir who I always enjoy running into. Photographed Paul Stanley and Nikki Sixx together. During Motley Crue's set I went next to Tommy Lee who said 'Fucking Ross!!!!'; and started to have a full blown conversation with me while playing Home Sweet Home... Motley were a lot of fun.

Now after a long cold day The Gods Of Thunder destroyed Download. The crowd loved them and they were excellent. I was so damp and cold I shot half of the show onstage to keep warm... if only it could be held on a hot sunny day. And before I forget a BIG thank you to Andy Copping.