JUNE 23 2015

Flew to Atlanta then to Tampa this morning for Def Leppard.

The last couple of days I've spent in Barcelona then Madrid with the Gods Of Thunder. Madrid I've not been to since Metallica played what is now the Barclaycard Arena about five years ago, the Kiss show was rammed you could not have gotten anymore people in. These last two shows were sweaty and hot what a rock and roll show should be, and I'm lucky that the last few bands I'm been shooting have all been friends.

Honestly while this business is bad for photographers, I'm having a great time. After landing in Atlanta with Kazuyo who works for me, she asked 'Are we near Seattle?' (Geography was not her best subject). We see something called The Louisiana Kitchen (I'm thinking upmarket food) which turned out to be Popeyes the worst chicken and grease you could ever eat. I asked a Delta rep where gate number four was' Whiiiiiiit yaaaaaa'll want gate foooooo?' she then told me I spoke funny.

So off to Tampa where we landed after flying through thunder lighting rain etc... and being thrown all over the sky, I was oddly at peace and I wasn't even on the pills.

Finally got to the Def Leppard outdoor show where it is pouring down. Surprisingly a huge crowd still there - Tesla who were also on couldn't play as it was so bad. After the show drove to West Palm Beach and watched the sunrise from my room thinking life is not that bad, I took a photo to keep things in perspective.

I visited the 'Hospital' Patient David Grohl last week and it's nice to see he kept his stage clothes. Dave was in a lot of pain, lets wish him a speedy recovery.