MARCH 02 2015

I spent Saturday doing photo shoots with Faith No More and Soundgarden. The show was at the Olympic Stadium. Good show, well I enjoyed it.

Sunday flew up to Brisbane, stayed at the Sofitel where I spent a few days a couple of years ago with Kiss and Motley Crue. Strange I kept thinking I'd see Paul Stanley or Nikki Sixx in the lobby.

The Soundgarden show was hot and sweaty. After two and a half songs one of the security knocked my camera lens away from my face. I showed him my Soundgarden pass, "If you don't move I smash your fucking face in" were his exact words. A photographer who was leaving stepped in and pointed out I worked for the band (which was very nice of him), "I don't give a fuck" was the security's reply. I mean seriously I'm nearly sixty I'd love one of them to touch me I'd sue the company EMS I think it was called they were dreadful heavy handed and looking for trouble. I thought people came to festivals to have fun ?

Monday and an early check in for a flight to Auckland, Air New Zealand were painfully slow at check. The girl asked me if I'd flown before, I thought she was joking she wasn't, "I need to see your return ticket"... "It's in my luggage printed out you just checked it in" she was not letting me on the flight until she saw it, she actually said "We’re busy today we have the the Pakistani Cricket Team" who were flying economy - and this was business class check in. It was all about the super star cricketers. The flight was empty up the front bit of the plane I sat with Ben Shepherd and we’re thinking of doing a book of Vinyl art. I took a few photos as we took off over Brisbane and coming into Auckland.
Funny driving in, it kind of looks like where I live with more sun...

Met up with Boh and Bic Runga for dinner, took Ben along it was a very pleasant evening.