MARCH 06 2015

I'm writing this on my way home directly above the Nicobar Islands in Asia. After Auckland I went to Melbourne and saw Peter and Ange from Vicious Slouth Records. One of the best vinyl shops you could find, I ended up with a few INXS 7 inch's with my photos on one I didn't even know about. Found a Japanese White Label promo for Mott's The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll and Australian Saturday Gigs plus an Australian Led Zeppelin Whole Lottta Love mis-spelling withdrawn single. Peter gave me some blues EP's Muddy Waters at Newport and a Buddy Guy MINT brand new. James Gang Yer Dig with a different record club cover. Japanese Spooky Tooth I Am The Walrus and Pink Floyd One Of These Days on red vinyl and this was me trying to be frugal...

I also want to say what a great time I had with Soundgarden,I enjoyed every show . Jerome Crooks the tour manager made me feel I was part of the touring party, it was one of the best band jaunts I've ever done. It was good to see Faith No More, Tim Moss the bands manager was great and the Mighty Judas Priest- The Foo Fighters in Sydney. Funny I gave Dave Grohl a couple of t-shirt's and the stupid Daily Mail makes it world wide news... plus what they wrote was a load of old bollocks.

Auckland seemed to me to be a lot of England a bit of Scotland with palm trees, I must go back again when it's warmer.
Flying home via Kuala Lumpur on a Malaysian A380 in the front of the plane. It's very nice and quiet in your own suite yet to me it feels like an upmarket prison with your own huge flat screen TV. You see a flight attendant if you press the button yet it's so quiet I find it disconcerting.