MARCH 17 2015

I've been having a re-discovering Deep Purple mode, Andy Copping gave me some old Deep Purple vinyl. One of which was Powerhouse a cash in EMI LP from 1977 that I completely ignored at the time. So after playing it, it really is a long lost gem starting with Painted Horse from Who Do We Think We Are sessions.

Three from the rather boring 1969 Concerto For Group And Orchestra, except these are the best songs which were left of Hush - Wring That Neck and Child In Time and the other rarity Cry Free another according to this from In Rock. Regardless this is a fantastic record with appalling cheap artwork, nice to discover it again thanks to Andy. Here are a couple of old bootlegs worth looking for Unreasonably Loud Going Back To The Reich and Murky Waters both good as they have Into The Fire one of the best Deep Purple songs ever.

Kiss from the Agora Cleveland a soundboard very raw still exciting. I've more or less stopped playing cds and gone back to my teens.

The Great Ian Hunter interviewed in Tokyo by You Masuda with my photos in the new issue of Burrn Magazine.

Some Pete Townshend as I've been sorting through my Who Photos...