MARCH 23 2015

The new issue of Classic Rock is good, an issue all about Vinyl. There is a bit where I talk about my top ten vinyl bootleg LP's which includes Queen which I was "Told" I had to add. Here are a few missing from the list...

The Who Tales From The Who - Jimi Hendrix Good Karma 2 and Live Experience 1967-68 -Pink Floyd In Celebration Of The Comet -Little Feat Rampant Synchopatio -BBA Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Bad Company Scrapbook - Black Sabbath Unorthodox - Ian Hunter Drunk On Wisdom And Wine. I could go on these are my personal likes.

In the same issue is a bit about me collecting The Who's Live At Leeds and why I like it. Live At Leeds and Jimi Hendrix's Band Of Gypsy's are two LP's which were edited and mixed by the artist at the time. Two of my all time favourite "Live" albums now they are both out unedited and to be honest as much as I like to have them the originals are better. They flow better and are more exciting makes me want to go and see them.

Geoff Barton has written a feature on Vinegar Joe, a band who never really took off but had Robert Palmer-Elkie Brooks and Pete Gage. I have the LP's and they were always in Sounds or the Melody Maker and on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the "70's. One of those features that you should read it's excellent. Anyway go and get the new issue of CR and put something on your turntable while you read it.