MARCH 26 2015

Monday and Wednesday I was in the company of Jeff Beck photographing him for his Genesis Publications book out later this year. I got him to dig out his Ox Blood Les Paul from the BBA/Blow By Blow period.

For all you 'Pussie's' out there, I've been playing a couple of Ted Nugent LP's. Ted's guitar sound is awesome, huge and attacking. As the back of the LP says...

"Fear not the crusted warblers, but be wary of the Mad Cheese grater for he shall slaw the features from your face. Beware the public carnivores as they inevitably edibly have a soft nosed hollow point magnum behind every bush".
Prodigal Man all twenty one minutes and twenty seconds Live from Detroit 1970 shows you why the 'Nuge', is hugely underated... forget his politics go and turn up the stereo.

Another bunch of vinyl gems I got this week were from Andy Copping a load of Soundgarden twelve inch singles white label promos unplayed, including Temple Of The Dog.