MAY 01 2015

Greetings from Montreal, I have not been here in about thirty years. I think the last time was with Motley Crue on The Shout At The Devil Tour. I did come a couple of times with Iron Maiden but that was way before that.

Odd being someone that everyone speaks French, I went to a Japanese restaurant last night (Recommend by the 'French' Concierge at my hotel). They were Chinese and spoke French, Kazuyo my smelly assistant was with me and each thing she asked for something in Japanese we were met with blank arrogant stares.

Yes it's just like being in Paris...

Been playing a load of Rush, must be 'cos I'm in Canada. Saw an add for Hugh Syme's book which should be interesting. Hugh's later covers are excellent, his early stuff a bit 'Twee' Caress Of Steel is rubbish and I know this is going to get hate mail but 2112 is the stuff of a sixteen year old drawing in a bedroom. I say this as I'd played 2112 last night and was looking at the cover... I'm sure I'd get the death penalty for saying this here.The 'Guillotine' awaits me.
Another bit of French rock I'm enjoying is Trust Repression,an under looked bit of Paris at it's best go and play Anti Social in French.

So my challenge for today in Montreal is to find a good vinyl store where I can get lost like a teenager again.

And as I left England was having some wonderful sunny evenings... The Chairman in my back garden.

The reason I’m in Montreal this weekend for Def Leppard...