MAY 05 2015

Funny touring Canada, it really has been years. I'm so used to America I've forgotten about it plus Canadians are seriously friendly even if some of them speak to you in French.

Montreal started off cold then it suddenly turned into high summer. Spent last Sunday waking around with Phil Collen, it was as if it was 1983. People were coming up to him telling him they love the photos they see and how great Leppard were at the Bell Centre - and they were it was packed out with the crowd rocking out all the way to the highest seats. The thing I find somewhat strange it that people want to have conversations with me in the middle of a song while I'm trying to take photos-which is weird as it's so loud you can't hear. If anyone would like to talk to me I'd be happy to as long as it's not in the middle of the show.

Ottawa was Deja Vu we arrived in front of an old cow shed where I'd had a photo taken on the Powerslave Tour in the snow. Except now it was surrounded by a multiplex cinema and the old building had been renovated. The inside of the venue was still the same the stage nearly touching the bleachers. I was sort of expecting Leppard to start playing Run To The Hill...