MAY 07 2015

Home and it's still nice, the last couple of days in Canada were grim weather wise.

I did get some Def Leppard shorts to give Joe Elliott's 'Valet' Chris Vranian shorts - he likes tight pink clothes.

Matt Goom gave me the WASP record which I don't even have as a 12 Inch, this was photographed for Rod Smallwood. I know horribly crass but it was the '80's and I did a cover of a magazine with Blackie dripping in blood holding a skull.

David Krebs (Manager of Aerosmith-Ted Nugent-Anvil-ACDC) thought the whole thing was so tasteless he was surprised and disgusted I did the photography and thought it should be banned. Which was the whole point of why Rod came up with the idea. I think in a way it's artistic now although it looks of the time.

Bowie's Diamond Dogs and White Light White Heat single also from Matt, he can find great stuff.

The stone figures are at Toronto or YYZ Airport and the lake with the bare trees were coming into Newark Airport, the bleakness reminded me of the book The Road.